Tips for Buying Carpet

So you have to bite the bullet and even the professionals can’t save your carpet.  You are now in the market for new carpet, but when should you replace it and what type of carpet should you choose? Here are some carpet buying tips.

It is true that a professional carpet cleaning can sometimes save even the grimiest carpet you have seen.  Some carpets bounce back better than others and some is just soil that is removable from the carpet with a good deep cleaning.  What about the carpet that is not able to be restored?  How do you know it is time to replace it?  What should you replace it with?

It is a simple question as to when you should replace your carpet.  It is when you cannot stand the sight of it any longer!  This may vary depending on your home and your personal style. 

You may have many guests and invitations and those small stains or spots that didn’t come out with a carpet cleaning may really, really bother you.  Like REALLY! 

Then maybe you have little children and several pets and are more laid back when it comes to the condition and overall look of the carpet.  Let’s face it; it is not easy to keep up with little ones underfoot, whether they are kids or pets! 

They will track in dirt and will spill food and drinks on your carpet.  Sometimes there is not much you can do and have to prioritize your spending and put up with a few spots.  Generally in this case a good professional steam cleaning can help the overall condition of the carpet and should be able to keep your carpet to a level that is still acceptable.

For whatever reason you choose to replace your carpet now is the question of what type of carpet you should buy.  Here are a few points that may help you choose something that will fit you and your households needs.

  1. Select a durable carpet
    • Carpets have different weight classifications, such as face weight, total weight and density rating.  Look for the density rating this is the best indicator of the durability of the carpet.
  2. Select the right carpet style
    • There are many to choose from, some popular styles include Berber, frieze, and plush.  Choose the right one for your home.
  • Berber:
    • has a pretty good reputation and many people love it.  Its tight-looped weave makes it so that stains have a tough time penetrating, and it doesn’t show vacuum marks or footprints.
    • If you have pets with claws this may not be the best choice for you.
    • Don’t fall for the all Berber is great all other performance factors are important as well.
  • Frieze:
    • This is a newer style of carpet and doesn’t have many draw backs
    • Has a unique look
    • Is a bit more expensive
  • Plush:
    • Great for classic looks and formal rooms with less traffic
    •  Shows spills and imperfections easily
    • Vacuum streaks and footsteps will show
    • Has an elegant look usually very well made
  1. Select the right type of carpet/material
    • This is possibly the most important part of the carpet buying experience and will relate to the way the carpet performs.  Such as its ability to come clean, stain resistance, durability, comfort, eco-friendliness, and cost. Examples of materials are:  Nylon, Olefin, Polyester, and Wool.
      • Nylon – the most popular choice in carpet it performs well has great stain resistance and durability and cleans well. Is more expensive.
      • Olefin – Popular for its advantage as an inexpensive choice, has good stain resistance but is not very durable and can attract oils making it look dirty.  More difficult to clean.
      • Wool – great durability and very luxurious, a bit costly but with a little extra care and attention can last decades. And is 100% natural and eco-friendly!

This is a brief dive into the world of carpet and there are many factors to take into consideration of the carpet that is best for you.  It is important to do some research before you shop.  When buying carpet don’t skimp on the padding this is important for the wear, feel and durability of the carpet.