Spot Removal Tips for Carpet

Removing a Spot from your carpet can all depend on how quickly you get to the spill.  Fast removal of the excess material spilled will make all the difference.

If someone spills their drink grab your white towels and blot until you see no color remaining.  Once you can get no further with blotting mix some vinegar and water 50/50 and use this to blot and rinse the carpet.  Be careful not to over wet your carpet and always blot up the water as much as possible.  Be careful not to scrub your carpet, this can cause damage to the fiber of the carpet and the area will never look the same as the rest of the carpet again.  Blot the area and don’t rub.

Certain substances are harder to remove than others some stains once dried can only be lightened and will need a professional removal to take care of them.  Here are some removal Tips for
Carpet and stubborn stains.

Coffee Stains – must be removed immediately or they will need a professional removal service.  Blot excess spill and then treat with a little bit of dish detergent and water.  Be careful not to use too much detergent, residue will cause the carpet to become sticky and attract dirt and dust to the area making the spot seem dirty.  Once you have treated and blotted the excess detergent out of the carpet rinse with vinegar water (50/50 solution) and blot again.

Ink Stains – are especially difficult to remove, mostly because they seem to spread as any technique for removal is used.  Try using a wet/dry shop vac to remove the excess ink and then try to blot with towels to remove the rest of the ink.  Ink is sometimes best to leave to the professionals and is essential to be removed as quickly as possible.

Bleach Stains – this is not actually a stain but removal of dye from the carpet; these are not repairable and are sometimes very hard to re-dye.  If the spill is fresh you can limit the damage.  Blot up the dye as much as possible – dilute with water and use a wet vac to pull the liquid from the carpet.  Continue to do this until you are sure all bleach is removed.  Now sometimes all you can do is get an area rug or patch the carpet.

Candle Wax – this is very hard to get too before it becomes solid, but if you can it is worth a try to sponge up the wax that you can.  Once it is solid the best way to remove it is with a brown paper bag and an iron.  Place a bag over the spot and heat with an iron until the wax transfers to the bag, keep moving the bag to a fresh surface and be careful not to overheat your carpet.

These are just a few spot removal tips for carpet.  Always try a mixture of vinegar water first before trying to tackle a spot with anything else.  If you are unsure of a product try it in a place out of sight before apply to your carpet. 

Many spot removers actually remove dye from the carpet leaving a pinkish or yellowish spot on the carpet.  If all else fails call your professional carpet cleaning company to help you to remove stains without damaging your carpet.