How to Keep your Carpets Clean over the Summer Holidays

So this is the time you have anticipated and dreaded at the same time.  It is a great time of year and the summer holidays are beginning.  Trips have been scheduled and planned; you are looking forward to holidays abroad or camping closer to home. 

Time spent with your kids is always fun and sometimes challenging.  Keeping them busy and out from under your feet takes planning and with all the kids running in and out of your home it is tough to keep your home clean and the worst abused item in your home will be your carpets. 

As your kids and their friends tromp in and out of the house they will be bringing an unwelcome enemy into your home, DIRT!  Carpets will pay the price, you will have ground in dirt and dingy carpets before you know it unless you take action now. So this how to keep your carpets clean over Summer Holidays should prove to be helpful.

What can you do to help your carpets stay fresh and clean longer?  Make rules!  It is tough to implement at first but eventually your kids and friends will take them as a routine habit.

  1. Implement a NO SHOES rule.
    • Set up an area in the doorway with a shoe shelf for shoes and be firm with your kids, once friends know to take their shoes off they generally do every time.
  2. Use Entry Mats and Area Rug Runners in your entry and hallways to kelp trap the dirt from shoes before they get to your carpet.
  • Many people automatically wipe their feet when they see an entry mat and even when they don’t those runners will help to trap the dirt from their shoes.
  1. Vacuum OFTEN!
    • Our lives are hectic and vacuuming daily is overwhelming but a must in heavy traffic homes.  This will help to save your home’s carpets from ground in dirt being repeatedly ground in by little feet trampling through the house.  Recruit help from your little ones and at least get to those rugs and runners daily.
  2. Apply Carpet Protector after you have your carpets cleaned professionally.
    • An application of Scotchgard™ Carpet Protector is the best way to protect your carpet from spills, stains and dirt. Scotchgard repels spills, blocks stains and resists soiling and has Strong stain protection that pushes spills and soils away from fibers.
  3. Clean Carpets regularly
    • To protect the life of your carpet clean your carpets regularly, the time between cleanings will vary depending on the traffic levels in your home.  Some carpets need to be cleaned every few month and some can wait to be cleaned every year.  By removing the deep imbedded soil from your carpet you save your carpet fiber from being worn out and help to keep your carpet looking newer longer.

If you need assistance in cleaning and maintaining your carpet contact Citywide Carpet Cleaning to schedule an appointment for your home.  I hope you find this blog helpful on how to keep your carpets clean over Summer Holidays.